Puer values


All Puer solutions will be decentralized as much as possible in order to guarantee long term gains for the entire society.

Automate as much as possible

 We try to automate as many operational tasks as possible, giving us more time to offer personalized services to our customers and focus on innovation!

Power to the customer

All Puer projects have the mutual goal to give more power and service to the end customer.

Digital as the key to efficiency

Digitization is the solution to liberate our society from administration and let people focus on the important things in life.

Back to basics

Puer projects always go back to the fundamental human needs. Nature is always present in all Puer projects.

Circular and sustainable solution

Puer solutions aim to move our human ecosystem towards a circular and sustainable society.

Continued innovation

At Puer we believe there is always room for innovation.

Transparency on all domains

We believe that transparency towards stakeholders and customers is the only option to achieve a long term successful business.

The Puer team. 

Jonas Boury
Founder and project lead

Jonas has started his career at an energy startup called Yuso.  In two years he has developed a lot of expertise in IT architecture, business development, team management and energy systems.  In this new venture he wants to focus even more on innovation and technology in order to speed up the development of a decentralised and sustainable society in Belgium. 

Chief happiness officer

I personally headhunted Bo from an animal shelter  in April 2017. She really like to be around people and loves to make them happy. After seeing her smile I immediately knew she was the perfect dog for the job. 


Join the team. 

You can find more information about career opportunities within Puer on our Career page. 


But even if you can't find a matching position there we are  open for opportunities.
There is always a place at our table for people eager to make a difference. We are looking for those who are inherently curious and love a challenge. Contact us at info@puer.be.

Puer expertise

Cloud infrastructure

All Puer solutions are built on decentralised and state of the art cloud infrastructure. 

Smart solutions

At Puer we can offer expertise related to automated and smart management of assets.

Blockchain technology

We are aware of the potential of blockchain technology and we will use this technology when it is relevant for our projects.

Innovative energy assets

At Puer we aim to facilitate the transition towards a sustainable energy system. We can offer expertise in both hardware and software development of the next generation energy assets.

Sustainable economy and ecology

 We value sustainability and have gained a lot of expertise over the past years on all aspects of ecology.

Digital platforms

We have experience with building the full stack of complex digital solutions.